SLEEPlements: First & Simply Awesome Blog about Sleep

Hey-Hop-Hello! You are reading the SLEEPlements, First Blog About Sleep, by Factory of Sleep. We are not scientists or researchers, we are just curious sleepy heads, insanely interested in all the sleep related topics: why we sleep and see dreams, what do they mean, why we talk or walk while sleeping, why geniuses need only few hours of sleep, what yoga routine to do to sleep like a baby and why we do spend a third part of our lives on sleep and how to take the most of it.

so.. WELCOME to our Blog About Sleep! Hope you will feel great and sleepy in our Nod of Land.


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music for sleep

Music for Sleep – part 1

Music for Sleep. part 1 And here we come again with a list of our fave melodies! Enjoy these relaxing songs and listen to them in the moments when the disconnection from everyday routine is so much needed. Put the...
sheep in sleeping mask

Why do we count sheep?

Why do we count sheep & does counting sheep really help? That’s probably, one of the simplest and most commonly given advice to beat the insomnia – try counting sheel, right? Have you ever tried to count them, laying in...
падение во сне

Top 18 Most Common Dreams

Most likely, each of us once in a while is having strange, earth-shattering, out-of-nowhere dreams, right? And imagine, that there exist several similar scenarios of dreams, which happen to all of us, no matter of our age, sex, religion, nationality...
гении спавшие несколько часов в день

Genius Sleeping Habits

Genius Sleeping Habits …or maybe 4 hours of sleep is more than enough for you as well! You’ve tried it all for better sleep and nothing worked? Well, you’ve probably heard then about geniuses who slept only few hours per...