Top 18 Most Common Dreams

Most likely, each of us once in a while is having strange, earth-shattering, out-of-nowhere dreams, right? And imagine, that there exist several similar scenarios of dreams, which happen to all of us, no matter of our age, sex, religion, nationality and occupation. Incredible, eh? ‘Sleepy expert’ Alan Siegel had been collecting these sleepy scenarios over years for his book Dream Wisdom: Uncovering Life’s Answers in Your Dreams (Celestial Arts, 2003), and Factory of Sleep has picked the most common dreams happening to human population. Interested? Welcome for another piece of Sleeplements with Factory of Sleep!

падение во сне

-          Flying: in the air or on a plane;

-          The failure on the exam or forgetting a part of speech while presenting;

-          Being naked (fully or partially) in a public place;

-          Falling down;

-          Being harassed or kidnapped;

-          Sexual adventures;

-          Natural disasters, including earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions etc;

-          Man-made disasters, such as explosions, fires, terrorist attacks, nuclear war, plane crashes;

-          Loss of teeth;

-          Violent threats, assault or injury to yourself or others

-          Driving, or just being in the car while someone else is driving;

-          Being late to the bus, train, plane, meeting etc;

-          Denial, betrayal, humiliation;

-          Finding new rooms in the building;

-          Loss or finding money purse, handbag or valuables;

-          The emergence of people from the past (living or dead);

-          Return to your childhood, the former home, school;

-          Pregnancy and childbirth (your own and or someone close to you)

-          Meeting strangers, or being in an unknown place where you’ve never been before.


Have you ever had a dream fitting the most common dreams scenario? I bet you did, share it with us then!


And Sweet Dreams!

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