Why do we count sheep?

Why do we count sheep & does counting sheep really help?

That’s probably, one of the simplest and most commonly given advice to beat the insomnia – try counting sheel, right? Have you ever tried to count them, laying in the bed and looking on the ceiling, imagine jumping over the hence? Ow yes we did, since the childhood! Didn’t really help, as far as we remember, but just out of curiosity, where is this habit coming from, who was the first to suggest counting sheep to fall asleep. Do you know? You will in a minute!


It appears that many-many years ago Australian farmers counted their herds of sheep before going to sleep. And knowing that all are in place made them happy, relaxed and ready to fall asleep easily without any worries. As time went by, this has been transformed into proper tradition in villages, and was told as a fairy tale to next generation and eventually became a usual advice given to people trying to catch some zzzs.

countrng sheep

So does counting sheep really help falling asleep? Well, mostly it doesn’t than it does. The majority of sleep researchers agree that we should rather think about something abstract, pleasant instead of stressing the brain with mathematics, even with such easy tasks as counting the sheep jumping all around. So Factory of Sleep would rather recommend to forget about the sheep and try to count something way more pleasant: good things you’ve done during the day, compliments received and given, nice people you’ve met and goal accomplished.

Sweet dreams girls!


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